Collective Haul: Make-up, Nail Polish and Make-up Tools

11:27:00 AM

What a bright and sunny Saturday to you guys. Isn't this morning very energizing? The sun is already up and now's the time to get your plans checked and done. For today, I will be sharing you what I've bought from my simple shopping spree these past few days. From Bench to Ebay, I've got here makeup, nail polishes and tools to show. So stay with me till the end of this blog post to see more.

So before I start, I will also tell you that I will now be changing my blogging style. Is it blogging style? I'm not sure but, I will now be removing the text on every featured image. The reason is that I think, the header title is somewhat redundant to the text on my featured image. I think it's much better if I just stick with the classic header and no-text image. Also, to make the images here in this blog securely mine, I will now be including a watermark on every image. We better be secure than find our images elsewhere. 

Now, let's move on to what this blog post is all about. Recently I've been thinking that I really need to stock up some makeup in my beauty stash since I really want to learn how to fix my own makeup. I actually know how to do my brows, apply blush and lipstick,. But I'm desperate on how to blend eye shadow, apply highlighter and bronzer, and apply foundation. Believe me or not, I'm not using any face powder or foundation on everyday basis. I only apply moisturizer, do my brows, then apply some blush and put on some lipstick to finish my everyday look.

I had a change of heart that's why I thought of buying my very own foundation and compact powder! I really want to have the Essence All About Matte Foundation because I heard great reviews about it. I have an oily face which I love because I glow most of the time. Yes, I do embrace my oiliness. I believe that oil on the face gives you that youthful glow on your skin. But I admit, I use blotting sheets once or twice a day just to prevent my face to be too oily. Who wants that?! One more thing that I bought from Essence is their Lash Mania Reloaded Mascara. I still haven't heard or read reviews about this so I think I will give it a try on my own and provide you an honest review on this mascara soon.

Next, I have here nail polishes! I bought an orange one from Golden Rose, a metallic silver shade from OMG and four different shades of polishes from Bench. It's actually on sale that's why I bought four. I think it's Buy 2 for Php100. They are originally priced at Php58 each so, I saved Php32? I saved a little but, I gained new nail polishes from Bench. I really really want to try them out since forever!

Because I really want to learn how to apply foundation and powder correctly and perfectly, I also bought a foundation sponge and powder brush from Marrionaud. I don't exactly know that I already have a powder brush from Elf a long time ago so I redundantly bought another one. Nice waste of money if you'll ask me. I rather had the foundation brush instead. Well, that's the problem with not using powder for a very long time.

Anyway, let's move on to the item that I've been waiting for a month past. Last month, I ordered this nail stamping set from beautyexperience on Ebay. I bought it for Php462 pesos plus the shipping fee for Php233. The shop is actually based on China so I need to wait for a month for this to arrive. Waiting for me is no biggie especially if I had the item very cheap as compared to our local online shops. But, the moment I received the mail, I'm very excited to try it! There are many options to choose from! Expect stamped nail art and swatches guys!

Lastly, I want to show you the pillow that I recently bought from St. Francis Square in Ortigas. It is a rounded pillow with a pug face printed on it! If you read my about me page or the brief about me on my sidebar you'll see that I mentioned my love for pugs. I don't actually have a pug, but I really love how cute and adorable they are! This pillow will always have a special place on my bed.

That's about it guys! Till next time on my next collective haul!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of pugs but that's the cutest thing I've seen all week!

    1. I can't even contain its cuteness! Thank you so much!

  2. I also started adding watermarks on my photos kasi mahirap na diba. I heard essence is a good brand, never had the chance to grab some from the brand though. Im excited on your upcoming nail posts :)

    1. From makeup to nail polishes, Essence gives the best of it. Give it a try! Also, more nail art soon. I promise!

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